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Development of employee competencies at UAB Coface Baltics Services

Development of employee competencies at UAB Coface Baltics Services

Private limited liability company UAB Coface Baltics Services is implementing a project “Development of employee competencies at UAB Coface Baltics Services” No 09.4.3-ESFA-T-846-01-0035 under the measure “Human resources Invest LT+”.


Start of the project: 25-09-2017

End of the project: 30-09-2020



In the course of theproject, it is planned to train 30 employees of the company.


Project budget: 122,732.00 Eur.


Project description and aim:

An expert in commercial risks and global leader in trade credit insurance, Coface has been operating in Lithuania since 2005. As the global economy (including Lithuania) faced the consequences of the latest crisis, services of business risk assessment, protection against defaults and trade credit insurance offered by the company have become particularly important seeking to protect the security of business transactions entered into by companies in our country. This year for Coface has been exceptional so far: services provided by the company in the Baltics are undergoing optimisation; as a result, Coface Lithuania will start providing them directly to companies and Estonia and Latvia as well as Lithuania. These changes require increasing the number of people working in the company, investing in competencies of existing and new employees and developing specific skills to enable Coface to stay an expert in risk assessment and to keep helping the companies of the region in making the right decisions on the issues of credit supervision, insurance coverage and receivables. Personnel training is particularly important in the fields of telemarketing, sales, customer service, financial risk assessment and planning competencies. Optimisation of the company’s operations and reorganisation of geographical coverage require trainings that would contribute to the strengthening of competencies of strategy-making and process effectiveness enhancement.



Project activities:

Trainings in telemarking and customer service. Communication programme in customer service. Risk assessment and development of effectiveness strategy. Innovations of financial processes. Cooperation with the customers through financial indicators. Trainings in efficiency of company’s strategic processes.


Project leader Inga Iakovleva

  • Lithuanian
  • English